‘Dark Knight’ Shooting to Be Exploited for Political Grist

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Batman Vs Bane in The Dark Knight Rises 300x206 ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting to Be Exploited for Political GristSecond amendment, ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be blamed for incident

Within hours of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a screening of the new Batman movie, the political machine is already gearing up to exploit the incident as a tool to demonize the second amendment and characterize Americans who are against big government as extremists.

A 6ft tall man dressed in black body armor and wearing a gas mask burst through an emergency exit door at the theater during a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Batman movie, before making his way up the stairs and shooting people at random, according to reports.

The man also apparently set off a smoke or tear gas bomb, killing at least 14 people and injuring dozens more.

The gunman was arrested and early reports suggested an accomplice was still on the run, but police now say there was only one shooter.

“A 24-year-old suspect in is custody and an apartment building in north Aurora connected to the suspect was being evacuated and searched for possible explosives, ” reports the Denver Post.

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