John Bolton’s One Trick Pony: Iran’s Imaginary Nuke

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101217 john bolton ap 328 300x162 John Bolton’s One Trick Pony: Iran’s Imaginary NukeEarlier this week, former recess appointed United Nations representative John Bolton wrote an op-ed for the Moonie newspaper The Washington Times. In the article, Bolton once again tries to drum up fear and loathing over the dismal at best prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon.

Bolton claims Iran’s “nuclear activities are broad and deep, and it is close to winning the strategically important race to the nuclear-weapons finish line,” a claim completely at odds with the assessment of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that says Iran is conducting research that could eventually enable it to develop a nuclear weapon, but that it is not doing so.

“I worry the publicly available information is giving only a very small picture and that Iran is actually even much further along,” Bolton told WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein in January. All the Iranians need to do, he insisted, is put their noses to the grindstone and they will have a nuke they can lob at Israel.

It’s fantasy, but one the so-called Bush era “Vulcans” consistently harp on from the dotage of their enforced retirement at think-tanks and from limelight bully pulpits at Fox News.

Bolton and his neocon cohorts know all about the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that concluded with “high confidence” that the Islamic republic halted an effort to develop nuclear weapons in the fall of 2003, but that fact – now confirmed by 16 intelligence agencies – will not stop them from engaging in their Chicken Little act.

“Although Iran continues to enrich uranium at low levels, U.S. officials say they have not seen evidence that has caused them to significantly revise that judgment,” the Los Angeles Times reported on February 23. “Senior U.S. officials say Israel does not dispute the basic intelligence or analysis.”

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