Paranoid Snitch Society: Garbage collectors trained to spot “suspicious activity” before RNC

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garbage man 300x216 Paranoid Snitch Society: Garbage collectors trained to spot suspicious activity before RNCTerrorist in training video depicted as young white woman

Garbage collectors are being trained by police to be on the lookout for terrorists in the run-up to this year’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. The terrorist depicted in the role playing scenario used to train garbage workers is a young white woman while her victim is a Middle Eastern man.

“Anarchists, terrorists and plain old thieves and creeps, your new foe wears work boots and fluorescent vests. Meet the garbage men,” reports the Tampa Bay Times, noting that police are involved in training garbage collectors to “spot suspicious activity on their routes” in preparation for this August’s RNC in Tampa.

Told that the Waste Management company itself could be a target, workers were shown examples of “suspicious” activity which included a man taking pictures of a garbage truck and were ordered to be on the lookout for anyone “taking an undue interest in our bins.”

Workers were told not to get involved in any potential incident, merely to report the suspicious activity to police.

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