Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds to Speak in CBS Debate

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ron paul dees 298x300 Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds to Speak in CBS Debate*Taken from Prison Planet. Written by Paul Joseph Watson.

Leaked email to Bachmann campaign indicates decision to limit air time for certain candidates was deliberate CBS News policy.

Congressman Ron Paul was a victim of what later transpired to be a deliberate policy on behalf of CBS News to restrict the air time of certain candidates during last night’s Republican debate, after he was afforded just 90 seconds of speaking time during the course of the event in South Carolina last night.

Paul’s campaign reacted furiously to the Texan being limited to 90 seconds in what was a 90 minute-long debate, with Campaign Manager John Tate blasting out an email entitled “What a Joke,” in which he stated, “It literally made me sick watching the mainstream media once again silence the one sane voice in this election. The one dissenter to a decade of unchecked war. The one candidate who stands for true defense and actual constitutional government. Ron Paul was silenced, in perhaps the most important debate of the cycle.”


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