Ron Paul Wins the Virgin Islands but MSM Reports Romney

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Here are the official numbers coming from the Virgin Islands GOP website:

Ron Paul                   29%   112

Mitt Romney             26%   101

Rick Santorum           6%      23

Newt Gingrich           5%      18

“Uncommitted”???   34%    130

These are the official results from the Virgin Islands GOP, yet AP and therefore most major mainstream news organizations that receive information from them are reporting that somehow Mitt Romney has just won the contest in the Virgin Islands.  Here is an example of headlines at USA Today publishing AP’s account of the “facts” which hit the net just 15 minutes ago and well after the real results have been available for the world to see.

Many of us have been reporting on the blatant election fraud and corruption that has reached an all-time high this primary season but this situation has got to take the cake.  It is beyond my wildest dreams. This night has become the absolute “shock and awe” of mainstream media corruption being hoist upon the American people.

Source: The Washington Examiner.

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  • msmcorrupt March 12, 2012 - 5:32 AM

    Congratulations to Ron Paul for winning the Virgin Islands Caucus!

    Throughout this election cycle, the American people are learning just how bias and corrupt the mainstream media really is.