The Debate Farce

0 Posted by - October 4, 2012 - Big Brother, Conspiracies & Scandals, Elections

obama romney debate AP648260177986 620x350 300x169 The Debate FarceHere in Denver, various agencies of the federal police apparatus shut down the city’s main interstate highway for several hours so that no one could get close enough to threaten the life of the two great deities who are currently exchanging talking points at the University of Denver. Rush hour traffic was shut down and thrown into disarray so that the elites could engage in a spectacle in which nothing of substance will be said and no honest statement will be uttered.

The local elites were in ecstasy over the fact that our wise overlords saw fit to stoop down and grace the streets of our fair city with their shining countenances. Surely, flowers bloomed wherever they stepped. It was a “great honor” we were told that the University of Denver was chosen by our betters on high to host such an august gathering of warlords and minor princes all seeking to win one for their side, and sure that victory will be secured for the presiding war criminal or the possible war-criminal-in-waiting.

Since I don’t vote or participate in any of the other liturgies of the American religion known as Democracy, I am denied the pleasures of the electrifying grace that apparently permeates the souls of those who believe that salvation will come their way on November 6th. But it is apparently all very exciting.

The pundits assure us however, that this “debate” (viz., recitation of talking points) will be very important for the undecided voters. Fortunately, Saturday Night Live recently explained to use the nature of the animal that is the “undecided voter.”

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