Vietnamese Bloggers Battle Tightening Censorship

0 Posted by - May 9, 2012 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Foreign Affairs, Military, Police State

photo 1336549380605 2 0 300x200 Vietnamese Bloggers Battle Tightening CensorshipWhen riot police broke up a recent protest over a forced eviction, Vietnam’s bloggers were ready — hidden in nearby trees, they documented the entire incident and quickly posted videos and photos online.

Their shaky images spread like wildfire on Facebook, in a sign of growing online defiance in Vietnam, in the face of efforts by authorities to rein in the country’s Internet community.

“They follow me, they keep track of what I am writing, they keep track of all dissident bloggers. Anything they can do to harass us, they do,” said blogger Nguyen Thi Dung, one of several bloggers who publicised the April 24 Hung Yen unrest on a variety of websites.

“They have many people browsing the net, reporting things they don’t like, getting them taken down. It is a perfect copy of what the Chinese are doing on the Internet,” she told AFP, asking that her name be changed for her safety.

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