Commentary by Rob Rimes


This is a list of commentary articles written by Rob Rimes.

July 2013 (1):
-What I’ve Read in 2013 (Mid-Year Edition)

January 2013 (1):
-Months Removed From the Circus

December 2012 (2):
-What I’ve Read in 2012 (Year-End Edition)
-Sneak Peek: Introduction to “Scalping Jackals”

November 2012 (4):
-Election Day, Part II: The Survival of the Statist Quo
-Election Day, Part I: A Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’
-The Debate of the Real Americans, Part II
-The Last 48 Hours

October 2012 (8):
-The Debate of the Real Americans, Part I
-Florida Firefight: The Third Presidential Debate of 2012
-A Personal Note Before the Final Debate
-Hostility at Hofstra: The Second Presidential Debate of 2012
-War of the Number Twos: The VP Debate of 2012
-A Refreshing Rumble After a Disastrous Debate
-The Battle of Boring: The First Presidential Debate of 2012
-To Your Battle Stations!

September 2012 (14):
-Stepping Into the Fire
-The Establishment Zombies Still Don’t Get It
-An Idiot’s Guide to Smoke and Mirrors
-We Are the 47 Percent!
-Gary Johnson Versus the Grand Old Party
-Tea’tering On the Brink
-Post-Convention Delirium
-The Democratic National Convention, Part IV
-The Democratic National Convention, Part III
-The Democratic National Convention, Part II
-The Democratic National Convention, Part I
-Too Cool to Be Wrong: Obama’s War & Torture Dance
-The Republican National Convention, Part IV
-The Republican National Convention, Part III

August 2012 (8):
-The Republican National Convention, Part II
-The Republican National Convention, Part I
-Revolution 2.0: A Day With Gov. Gary Johnson
-We Are the Future: My Experience at the Last Ron Paul Rally
-The Shitstorm Heads to Tampa
-The Uncle Joe Jig
-The Paul Ryan Gambit
-The Dance of the Dickheads

July 2012 (5):
-A Country Divided, Yet Unified
-Ron Paul’s 2012 Victory
-The Eye of the Shitstorm
-Leviathan Standing Tall
-Dollars, Polls & Veeps

June 2012 (8):
-What I’ve Read in 2012 (Mid-Year Edition)
-The Electoral Effects of ObamaCare
-A Letter From Mitt Romney
-Showdown at the Shucky Ducky Palace
-A Buckshot to the Gut
-The Nail in the Coffin?
-Gary Johnson Going Mainstream?
-In the Shadows of the Secret Summit

May 2012 (6):
-The Longhorn Statists and the Memorial Day Monsters
-Sand In The Gas Tank
-Is The End Nigh?
-Three More For Ol’ Mittens
-The 86 Proof Flood
-Navigating Forward in a Sea of Stupidity & Tyranny

April 2012 (5):
-The Final Fall of Newt Gingrich
-Anybody But Obama!: The Death of the Tea Party
-The Art of Pulling Out
-More Primaries, More Insanity, Part II
-More Primaries, More Insanity, Part I

March 2012 (7):
-A Race Rigged to Lose
-The Brat Prince of the GOP
-The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants
-In Defense of George Lucas and Property Rights (In the form of a drunken rant)
-Rick Santorum’s Sick and Twisted Reality
-Super Tuesday: Where is America Headed?
-Going Into Super Tuesday: Washington State Creates a Shift But Not Hope

February 2012 (11):
-Americans Have Succumbed to Madness
-Arizona and Michigan: Two Steps Closer to Super Tuesday
-Who Won the Debate?: February 22nd 2012 Edition
-The Maine Event and a Trail of Electoral Corruption
-The Libertarian Party of Florida Convention and Presidential Debate, Part III
-The Libertarian Party of Florida Convention and Presidential Debate, Part II
-The Libertarian Party of Florida Convention and Presidential Debate, Part I
-Nevada Falls to Romney and Three States Get Rick Roll’d
-A Great Long Weekend of Economics, Football & Food
-The Elephants Ride Into Vegas
-Florida: The Black Hole Sunshine State

January 2012 (27):
-My Last Day as a Republican and the Rise of the No Party
-The Mitt Romney Problem, Part II: Foreign Entanglements
-Who Won the Debate?: January 26th 2012 Edition
-The Mitt Romney Problem, Part I: Smaller Government
-Who Won the Debate?: January 23rd 2012 Edition
-Cold Hard Math: Gingrich and Santorum Cannot Win
-Hungover Going Into Florida
-South Carolina is for Statists
-Blood Feud: The Huntsman-Romney Connection
-Who Won the Debate?: January 19th 2012 Edition
-SOPA & PIPA: Blacking Out the Tyranny
-Who Won the Debate?: January 16th 2012 Edition
-The News Corp. Smear of Jesse Ventura
-Who Won the Debate?: January 14th 2012 Huckabee Forum II Edition
-Assassinating Scientists & Pissing on Terrorists
-New Hampshire was a Victory for Liberty
-New Hampshire is Happening
-Who Won the Debate?: January 8th 2012 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: January 7th 2012 Edition
-The Self-Destruction of the Republican Party
-Rick Santorum: From Bigoted Religious Fascist to GOP Frontrunner
-The Politics of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
-The Monsters March on Iowa, Part IV: The Smoke Clears
-The Monsters March on Iowa, Part III: Liberty Lost?
-The Gary Johnson Factor
-Happy New Year! Goodbye Constitution, Hello NDAA
-Bachmann in Iowa: Supernova to Dead Star

December 2011 (11):
-What I’ve Read in 2011 (Year-End Edition)
-The Diseased Naysayers
-The Monsters March on Iowa, Part II: Upping the Ante, Killing the Dream
-The Monsters March on Iowa, Part I: The Ron Paul Smear
-Newt Gingrich: Dark Lord of Doom
-Who Won the Debate?: December 15th 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: December 12th 2011 Lincoln-Douglas Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: December 10th 2011 Edition
-In Bed with Bastards: Trump, entertainment & politics
-Who Won the Debate?: December 3rd 2011 Huckabee Forum Edition
-Bye Bye Looney Pizza Guy!

November 2011 (6):
-Who Won the Debate?: November 22nd 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: November 19th 2011 Thanksgiving Family Forum Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: November 12th 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: November 9th 2011 Edition
-Jerry Brown: Enemy of Liberty, Hero of the Statist Quo
-Who Won the Debate?: Early November 2011 Lincoln-Douglas Edition

October 2011 (4):
-How Could You Vote for Herman Cain?
-Who Won the Debate?: Mid October 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: Early October 2011 Edition
-Occupy Wall Street: Heroes, villains or just losers?

September 2011 (4):
-The Chris Christie Syndrome
-Who Won the Debate?: Late September 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: Mid September 2011 Edition
-Who Won the Debate?: Early September 2011 Edition

August 2011 (5):
-American Psycho: The Ballad of Rick Perry
-Tea Flavored Kool-Aid, Part III: The Allen West Hangover
-Can Ron Paul Survive the “Fair and Balanced” Media?
-Sneak Peek: Introduction to “Fear and Loathing in the Post-Capitalist Age”
-Who Won the Debate?: August 2011 Edition

July 2011 (3):
-The Death of Leadership
-The Twenty-Five Lessons of Las Vegas *Written as Bobby Martini
-State of the Swash Address: Early July 2011

June 2011 (4):
-What I’ve Read in 2011 (Mid-Year Edition)
-The Fabian Society: Britain’s socialist movement and its hold on America
-Who Won the Debate?: June 2011 Edition
-A Weiner By Any Other Name: Random thoughts and rants about Weinergate

May 2011 (5):
-The Five Developmental Stages of the Progressive Beast, Part V: Barack H. Obama, Hope, Change & Health Care
-The Five Developmental Stages of the Progressive Beast, Part IV: Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society
-The Five Developmental Stages of the Progressive Beast, Part III: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal
-The Five Developmental Stages of the Progressive Beast, Part II: Woodrow Wilson and the Rise of Wilsonian Tyranny
-The Five Developmental Stages of the Progressive Beast, Part I: Theodore Roosevelt and the Roots of Progressivism

April 2011 (8):
-Tea Flavored Kool-Aid, Part II: The Fall of Marco Rubio
-Earth Day is Anti-Human, Eco-Fascist Bullshit
-Trump the Chump
-Gordon Gekko, the Hero?
-New Brunswick in the Left Lane
-Mad Men & The Nanny State
-A Lesson for the Anti-Capitalist Strippers
-The Great American Drug War

March 2011 (4):
-A Bush by Any Other Name
-Recycled Myths & Renewable Scams
-Button Gwinnett: Declaration-Signing Demon-Smasher
-Free to Lose: A Personal Statement on Socialism

February 2011 (7):
-William Henry Harrison: Short Lived President, Life Long Bad Ass
-The Era of Civility
-NASA and the Post-Cold War Space Race
-Tea Flavored Kool-Aid, Part I: The Beginning of the Revolution
-State of the Swash Address: Mid February 2011
-John Boehner: Mighty Morphin Power Speaker
-Capitalism: That Damned Dirty Word

January 2011 (5):
-Conservatives & Aliens
-FairTax: Debunking the Debunkers
-Palin Hate
-Ron Paul: Tyranny-Fighting Tyranno-Slayer
-The Real Effects of the Giffords Shooting

December 2010 (3):
-Exposing Those Racist Democrats
-Julian Assange: Public Enemy #1
-State of the Swash Address: Early December 2010

November 2010 (5):
-Have the Terrorists Won?
-Democrats: The Great Communicators of the Modern Age
-Franklin D. Roosevelt: Mutant Hero, American Villain
-A Brand New Day or Just the Same Ol’ Shit?
-The Difference Between Liberal & Conservative Voters

October 2010 (2):
-State of the Swash Address: Late October 2010
-The Art of Conservative Hypocrisy, Part II

September 2010 (13):
-The Punk Ass Bitch Syndrome
-State of the Swash Address: Late September 2010
-Woodrow Wilson: Destroyer of Liberty, Lieutenant of Hell
-The Holodomor: Stalin’s Communist Genocide
-The Art of Liberal Hypocrisy, Part II
-Rise of the Techno Tyrants
-Michelle Obama: Vacation Loving Food Nazi
-The Lincoln Myth, Part III: The Liar
-Five MORE conservative chicks I’d gladly procreate with
-Transhumanism: Eugenics for a Brave New World
-The Brawl To End It All: Islam Versus Christianity
-The Real Roots of Homeland Security & the Council on Foreign Relations
-Bridge Building or Bridge Burning?

August 2010 (14):
-Red Dead Redemption: a game rife with politics
-Who Fact Checks
-John Kerry: Champion of Liberals, King of Horses
-Terror Rising: New threats in the shadow of Al-Qaeda
-The Modern Myth of Reaganomics
-The Iranian Twitter Revolution
-The Lincoln Myth, Part II: The Tyrant
-Breakfast Hall of Fame: Round 3
-State of the Swash Address: Mid August 2010
-Obama’s Great Apology Tour: Headed back to Japan
-The Next American Revolution: Are we worse off now than in 1776?
-The Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracy
-Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter
-Gay Rights & the Separation of Church & State

July 2010 (9):
-GOP Presidential Candidate Analysis for 2012
-The Lincoln Myth, Part I: The Racist
-Sharia Law: Coming to America?
-Diego Armando Maradona: Maestro of Fútbol, Hater of America
-NAACP: fighting racism with racism
-Gitmo: I Wanna Go!
-Rutherford B. Hayes: Man of Action, President of Inaction
-Amnesty to Illegal Aliens: Obama’s idiotic plan to create liberal voters
-The Clinton Agenda: 2012 and Beyond!

June 2010 (15):
-Strippers want that BP paper and I have the solution
-State of the Swash Address: Late June 2010
-Illuminati: a real shadow government or a default label?
-Kim Jong-Il: bringing communism to the World Cup
-Foreign Aid: good enough to give but not to receive
-Boycotting BP? Another idiotic idea from the credulous masses
-Tea Partiers: studio gangstas or livin’ the lyrics?
-Eric Cantor: Super Genius Commie Werewolf Hunter
-Government, get out of my life!
-Breakfast Hall of Fame: Round 2
-Karl Marx: not just an asshole but a hypocrite too!
-Felipe de Jesús Calderón: “Do as I say, not as I do!”
-Sestakgate: a stupid name for a stupid scandal
-Stalking Palin: Joe McGinniss’ Ballad of Perversion
-Obama didn’t go to Arlington, get over it!

May 2010 (22):
-Retirement age raised for Social Security?
-Millard Fillmore: Whiggin’ Out to the End
-The liberal media has lost faith in its only hope
-Liberal Friends: Pro-socialist, anti-social people
-Chick-Fil-A: a swashbuckler’s choice for drive-thru breakfast
-The Art of Conservative Hypocrisy
-The European bailout is really just global socialism
-Massive mosque to open near the site of 9/11 on its 10th anniversary
-Liability limits eliminate corporate accountability
-Five conservative chicks I’d gladly procreate with
-Is Bioshock anti-objectivist?
-Texas Toast: it’s not just for dinner
-Gun Control (is) for Dummies
-Charlie Crist: Master of Douchery
-The Preposterousness of Prostitution Prohibition
-The Forgotten Depression of 1920
-Holding Office: a career or a duty?
-Full English Breakfast: the fuel of a once great empire
-John Adams: King of Liberty, Killer of Zombies
-A is for Anarchy
-Arizona: a bunch of Nazis or ahead of the curve?
-Obama abandoning his baby?

April 2010 (17):
-The Art of Liberal Hypocrisy
-Breakfast Hall of Fame: Round 1
-Twitter and the National Archives: a match made in Hell
-Scientists have lied to you
-Full Body Scanners: a violation of rights?
-James K. Polk: The Last Swashbuckler
-Not Swashbucklers: the Somali pirates
-Republicans: the party of racism?
-Corned Beef Hash: a swashbuckler’s protein shake
-The Red Light Camera Scam
-William Taft: Lover of Waffles, Hater of Liberty
-Che Guevara: a legacy in hypocrisy
-VAT Tax: an idea birthed from assholes
-Obamanauts!: born out of fiscal responsibility?
-Waffle House: America’s Greatest Institution
-Andrew Jackson: America’s Greatest Swashbuckler
-Does Green Guilt cripple you? I can help

March 2010 (2):
-Affordable Healthcare? Here’s my two cents
-State of the Corpus Address