Battered Person Syndrome

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esq ron paul delegates 082712 xlg 300x226 Battered Person Syndrome*Written by Shawn Bussler.

I’ve heard it said that the greatest lie Satan ever told is that he doesn’t exist, I disagree with this. The greatest lie ever told to the American people is that if we don’t like what the government is doing, we can vote to change it. The American people suffer from “Battered Persons Syndrome” and it is completely our own fault. More specifically, I am writing about those that would call themselves Republicans. Even more specifically I am writing about Republicans that call more for the small “l” libertarian values espoused by Ron Paul.

You really want limited Government, you want to audit and eventually end the Federal Reserve, you want the gold standard, you are aware of our faulty foreign policy, you are aware of “blowback” and you know it is real. You question the morality of government and believe in the inherent value of the Individual versus collectivism. You fight the machine and are woefully aware of the virtues of the self. You are not a cog in the machine, but a free and beautiful person. If you see yourself as any of these things, what are you doing sticking with the Republicans?

According to many articles that were posted on August 28th  of 2012, those in power at the Republican National Convention changed the rules on the floor, asking for “yay” or “nay” votes from the delegates. Overwhelmingly, the “nays” won, yet John Boehner ruled, amidst loud “boos” from the crowd, that basically any grassroots candidate would not be allowed to be a nominee on a future Republican ticket for president. If you are not an establishment supporter, your voice won’t ever be heard. You can pretend for the year leading up to the primaries that you are effecting change. You can donate your money to pro-liberty candidates, but when it comes to the finish line, you won’t have a chance anyways. If you are not a part of the big government, pro-war, pro-Fed, pro-fiat currency, pro-drug war Party, you are just wasting your time.

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases or IDC is a United Nations sponsored World Health Organization standard diagnostic tool for classifying physical and mental diseases. The IDC Code for “Battered Persons Syndrome” (or Beaten Wife Syndrome) goes as follows:

  • The abused thinks that the violence was his or her fault.
  • The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.
  • The abused fears for his/her life and/or the lives of his/her children (if present).
  • The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

The abused thinks that the violence was his or her fault.

If you supported Ron Paul, and are still registered Republican, and are upset he didn’t (through some magic) win the nomination of the Republican Party for president, do you blame yourself for not trying harder? Do you blame the pro-liberty crowd for not advancing the cause of liberty enough? Were you not loud enough?

Of course it was always going to be a hard battle. Of course it would have been a large “if” if Ron Paul could have captured the nomination, but you are trying to make a point, right? You are right about the cause of war, of the state of the economy, you are right about the loss of liberty and by god, you expected the statists to make it difficult, but if only you could have convinced a few more people, we could have had a chance, right?

NO! You have been nothing more than a hangnail on the Republican’s pinky. You were uncomfortable, but were not given another moment’s thought. The general public thinks you wasted your time, and seriously, if you stay in the Republican Party and vote for Romney, you will be again.

The beaten wife believes that if she just said the right thing or acted right way, he wouldn’t have gotten angry.

The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.

In this case, the violence comes directly from the Republican Party as a whole. You have to recognize that they will never change; they will not turn around and become pro-liberty. All they want is political power and they are going to get it any way possible, stepping on anyone and anything to get it, even the Constitution. They created the TSA, they will not end the Fed, and they actively pursued the Drug War and wasted billions of dollars on it over the last 40 years. The Republicans want nothing more than control of the government gun and if you stay registered, you are only helping them. If you just write in Ron Paul, you are giving them a pass.

The Republicans took away your voice. They ignored your logic and reason. They are insulting you at every twist and turn and they only want you to shut up and get in line.

A beaten wife believes her husband truly does love her and it was the alcohol that made him act that way.

The abused fears for his/her life and/or the lives of his/her children (if present). 

Are you concerned about the years wasted in this Don Quixote quest in changing the Republicans from the inside? Are you afraid that if you don’t get in line and vote for Romney that Obama will win the election again? Are you afraid that if you don’t do as you are told, your children will be hurt by a horrible economy? Do you think that Romney is that much better that you will throw away your principles just this one more time and next election, you will try harder to get the Republican Party to finally see the light and become pro-liberty? Are you afraid that if you leave the Republican Party, your vote will never be counted?

Here is the truth, for every Ron Paul supporter in the Republican Party, there are 200 times as many establishment supporters in the Republican Party. They have teams of supporters themselves and they don’t care about you. You are swimming against the stream. You are running against the crowd. And it will always be this way. They will always get their way.

The beaten wife doesn’t leave because she fears what the husband might do in the future.

The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

Do you think you have no other options? Do you think you can’t go anywhere and affect the change like you can in the Republican Party? How is that going?

Right now, you are in an abusive relationship with the Republican Party, and all the while there is this other great guy that lives buy the values you desire. He understands you and values you as a person. He has the same goals in life as you do and he will treat you right. He won’t hurt you and all you have to do is get a divorce and see your own value and leave.

You are abused, you are taken for granted. You are not valued. You are stepped on and ignored yet you keep going back for more. You think you can get them to change? After all of this time, after years and years of working at it, you are not closer to a liberty candidate for president.

On Monday, October 1st there is a movement happening. Declare your freedom from the GOP, get a divorce and leave this abusive relationship, unregister from the Republican Party and join the Libertarian Party. Do not write-in “Ron Paul”, the only person you will send a message to is the person that crumbles up your ballot. Be counted. If you want to send a message to the Republican Party, if you want to send a message to the media, if you want to send a message to the establishment masters, vote for Gary Johnson. Be free, be proud, Vote your principles just once.

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