Shit Show: Casey Anthony’s Parents Talk to Dr. Phil

0 Posted by - September 12, 2011 - Film & Television

 Shit Show: Casey Anthonys Parents Talk to Dr. Phil*Taken from Gather.

Casey Anthony’s parents are finally speaking out about their granddaughter, Caylee’s death. The person they’ve chosen to open up to is none other than TV’s own Dr. Phil McGraw.

The pair have remained silent about many of their thoughts and feelings until now. So what has convinced them to finally bare their souls on television? Perhaps they still crave the limelight. Maybe they don’t want their daughter, Casey, to be the only one benefitting from little Caylee’s death. Perhaps they just want justice or maybe the want to stop the gossip. Whatever the reason, they are now speaking out.

But are Caylee’s grandparents really telling it like it is, even now? So far, that remains uncertain. They continue to hedge on questions about the odor in Casey Anthony’s car. They admit that it smelled like a dead body, but they stop short of saying it was Caylee’s dead body.


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  • JanCorey September 13, 2011 - 12:56 AM

    The only people that are upset with Casey are people that have not a clue about the U.S. criminal justice system, and they were convinced she would be found guilty and subject to the death penalty, which when they look at the reality of this case, they are angry at being found to be wrong for years about the entire case that Casey was not proven guilty of anything more than a few lies and that angers those people. It is their failures in their own lives that they tend to displace onto Casey and that angers them.