Bob Costas Got Blasted for His Gun-Control Monologue After Jovan Belcher’s Murder-Suicide

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 Bob Costas Got Blasted for His Gun Control Monologue After Jovan Belchers Murder SuicideNBC sportscaster Bob Costas went on a substantial riff urging stricter gun laws in the wake of a murder-suicide committed by former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher on Saturday. It sparked immediate heated discussion — most of which was backlash.

Costas centered his weekly “Sunday Night Football” monologue on a column by Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock, who is already a divisive figure in the sports media world. Costas told his viewers to get past the cliched media coverage of how Belcher’s actions provide “perspective” and think about the broader scope of the crime.

He quoted lengthy passages from Whitlock’s column:

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