Drunk Man Urinates on 11-Year-Old Girl on JetBlue Flight

0 Posted by - August 11, 2011 - Food, Beverage & Drugs

 Drunk Man Urinates on 11 Year Old Girl on JetBlue Flight*Taken from the NY Post.

It was plane madness.

Chaos erupted on JetBlue’s red-eye flight from Portland, Ore., to JFK yesterday when a drunk allegedly urinated on a sleeping 11-year-old girl.

The youngster was traveling with her sister and dad, and had been left alone for a few minutes while the others used the lavatories.

Robert Vietze, 18, of South Warren Vt., stumbled from his seat five rows behind her and emptied his bladder, a witness said.

“I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg,” the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Vietze said, according to law-enforcement sources. He later claimed to have consumed eight alcoholic beverages.


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