Forbes: Foreign Policy Matters More Than Obamacare

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Obama Laughing2 300x233 Forbes: Foreign Policy Matters More Than ObamacareEspecially this instant, Obamacare seems like the most important thing in the world. After all, it’s given usthe most important Supreme Court case in 50 years. And however the Court rules, it’s set the table for at least the next four years of presidential politics, and God knows how many years of national politics after that. Millions without care! A government entitled to command anything! The stakes couldn’t be higher, right?

Wrong. President Obama has been doing his level best to kick several foreign policy cans down the road — you gotta give the US some space — but America will have to make several massive strategic decisions long before the healthcare drama comes to an end. Alone, each one could be a foreign policy heart attack. Together? Look out:

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