Monsanto Forced Out of UK by Activists

0 Posted by - February 3, 2012 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Food, Beverage & Drugs, Medical, Science

Tomato GMO LARGE 300x191 Monsanto Forced Out of UK by ActivistsIt has been a truly rough week for Monsanto. After being slammed with a lawsuit by concerned farmers over theirGMO crops and thrown out by China, now the corrupt juggernaut is being thrown out of the United Kingdom. In an unprecedented announcement, Monsanto announced amajor departure from the UK due to “intense opposition” to genetically modified foods from activists.

As a result, the company is now closing its genetically modified wheat growing operation based in Cambridge. Monsanto officials even went on record stating that the move was a result of opposition against their own ‘Frankenstein Foods’.

Furthermore, the company is even looking to liquidate their GMO crop facilities based in Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. Monsanto is making a run for it, and food good reason. Nations have been openly voicing their opposition against the biotech mammoth, with officials and individuals nationwide taking a stand. France is one of many nations to call out Monsanto’s crimes, citing health concernsamong the many reasons to reject Monsanto’s GMO crops.

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