NKorean Children Begging, Army Starving

0 Posted by - June 27, 2011 - Economics, Food, Beverage & Drugs, Military, Police State

r790494 6875246 NKorean Children Begging, Army Starving*Taken from ABC Net. Video at link.

The video is some of the most revealing footage ever smuggled out of the impoverished North Korean state.

Shot over several months by an undercover North Korean journalist, the harrowing footage shows images of filthy, homeless and orphaned children begging for food and soldiers demanding bribes.

The footage also shows North Koreans labouring on a private railway track for the dictator’s son and heir near the capital Pyongyang.

Strolling up to the site supervisor, the man with the hidden camera asks what is going on.

“This rail line is a present from Kim Jong-il to comrade Kim Jong-un,” he is told.


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