The Farms of the Future?

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This is what farms will look like in the future.

As the world’s human population grows, we’re reducing the amount of agricultural areas and forests. That’s why some architects are working on concepts for sustainable skyscrapers and vertical agricultural buildings. Here are some of the most interesting plans for the merging of the city and the farm.

The Dragonfly for New York City (Vincent Callebaut, 2011):

ku xlarge The Farms of the Future?

The 600 m high vertical farm building was planned to New York City’s Roosevelt Island. It could contain 28 different farms for vegetables, meat, fruit and others. The building would be self-sufficient because of the solar panels and wind power.

(via designboom)

Oasis Tower for Dubai (Rahul Surin and Synthesis Design Studio, 2009):

ku large The Farms of the Future?

It would be able to provide housing for some Dubai residents and has vertical farms, which would produce enough food to feed 40000 people in a year. The tower will be powered by renewable energy.

(via inhabitat)


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