Throwback Thursday: Ron Paul: Tyranny-Fighting Tyranno-Slayer

0 Posted by - September 29, 2011 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Economics, Humor, Science

 Throwback Thursday: Ron Paul: Tyranny Fighting Tyranno SlayerRon Paul may be the greatest American since the days of real men and our Founding Fathers. There isn’t much the guy says that a real patriot cannot disagree with. In fact, at the moment, I cannot think of anything. He wants real freedom and strives to expose tyranny on a daily basis. He is the spiritual advisor and leader to those of us who want to end the tyrannical Federal Reserve. He helped contribute to the mass awakening of the people in this country and he is the best candidate we have for president as far as I am concerned. Granted, Gary Johnson and Herman Cain are a very close second.


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