The Fall of Lady Gaga?

0 Posted by - June 22, 2011 - Art & Fashion, Music

 The Fall of Lady Gaga?*Taken from Showbiz 411.

Poor Lady Gaga. Her saga of continued downward sales continues. In the fourth week of release for “Born this Way,” her latest release sold a mere 68,935 copies. That brings her to a total of 1,254,484–less, of course, the 440,000 copies that amazon gave away for 99 cents. If those are removed, the total is 854,484. That’s a lot of CDs, of course, no matter what the parameters. But with the amazon deal and no real second breakout single, “Born this Way” is quickly vanishing. This week it fell to number 4. I always like to contrast it with Adele’s “21″ album, which had a zero percent change last week and sold well over 100,000 copies. Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me, but that’s the story right now. In each of the last three weeks, Gaga has dropped about 40,000 units. This means that this week she could finish with around 25,000 copies sold. She has to be making big bucks from endorsements and touring because CD sales are not going to support her lavish lifestyle.


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