Jesus Freak!: Tebow Does it Again

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Tim Tebow Praying 300x218 Jesus Freak!: Tebow Does it AgainMy Two Cents: Love him or hate him, Tebow either successfully uses the “power of prayer” (if you believe in that sort of thing). Then again, the Vikings suck worse than my last gf’s bj’s. Sorry Jesus, gotta side with the Vikings current level of suck on this one. End Two Cents.

If there’s justice, Tim Tebow just clinched whatever it was he was supposed to clinch.

After another sensational late-game performance, Tebow lifted the Broncos to a 35-32 victory Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’ve definitely seen that a couple times from No. 15,” said Vikings receiver Percy Harvin, a former Tebow teammate at the University of Florida whose terrific 175 yards from scrimmage, two-touchdown effort was spoiled by Tebow leading the Broncos to 28 second-half points. “When I hear all those ESPN commentators say, ‘He can’t do this,’ I laugh. After the game, I whispered in his ear, ‘Let ‘em keep hating. Keep ‘em hating on you.’ ”

Having lifted a team back from a 1-4 record and seemingly in contention for the future quarterback likes of Matt Barkley, Landry Jones or Robert Griffith III, Tebow, and his Broncos, are now in control of their own playoff destiny.

By virtue of his 6-1 record as a starter that has moved the Broncos (7-5) from last place in the AFC West to a tie with Oakland on top, Tebow has become not just the man of the hour, or the Broncos’ quarterback of the year.

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