The Zeitgeist Movement and it’s Leftist/Collectivist/Anti-Capitalist Agenda

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ztshirt The Zeitgeist Movement and its Leftist/Collectivist/Anti Capitalist Agenda

A Review of ‘Zeitgeist: Addendum’.

*Taken from the Mises Institute Forums. Written by FleetCenturion.

I am quite late in reviewing Zeitgeist, since I have lacked for a very long time both a proper outlet to receive such a review, and the will to stomach the more radical left-wing elements of the film.  Nonetheless, I finally forced myself to sit through over 4 grueling hours of the ‘Addendum’ and the ‘Final Edition’, as they were downloaded and given to me.  I am sure there are many more versions of this movie, possibly many more 2-hour parts, and I will NOT be watching them.

A Review of Zeitgeist: Addendum
The first part of this has been frequently posted on YouTube, and has been the most fascinating to me.  It describes the creation of debt-based money using the Federal Reserve’s own publication.  The narator does this very well, touching on the core elements of the fractional reserve system, endless debt, and built-in inflation.  What was most interesting to me was the 1969 case of Jerome Daly, who successfully fought a forclosure on his home by proving that the home lone the bank had given him did not legally exist in the first place.  This part has been  been scrubbed from every YouTube video that I can find.  On a totally unrelated subject, Google, who owns YouTube, is now a supporter of “Net Neutrality”.  They are almost right when describing Lincoln’s “green back” currency, except for the part about it being an independent currency “as the Founding Fathers intended.” Lincoln’s expansion of the money supply to pay for the war was an emergency measure only, and was highly illegal.  I guess you can’t expect these people to actually read the Constitution.

The film continues with an interview with John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’.  This left-leaning but fascinating interview gives a little of his account of keeping governments perpetually in debt to banks and corporations.  There are many more interviews with Perkins to be found, and I recommend you see them all, and read his book.  Unfortunately, the main topic then becomes how the CIA topples “legitimate” governments using U.S. private companies.  All the dictators described were absolute tyrants who decided to “help” their countries not by giving their people a free market, but by confiscating legitimately purchased lands and shaking down companies after contracts had already been signed.  It should be noted that while I respect Perkins’ opinions, he knows nothing about the CIA, and from what I’ve seen, very little about U.S. foreign policy outside his own spheres.

The interview continues with Perkins’ take on the Gulf Wars, as usual blamed on Dick Cheney and Halliburton.  This blends nicely into how the War on Terror is an invention of evil U.S. corporations– yada yada yada.  If any of this drivel were true, then trust me, I would be getting rich right now with all the stock I have in “U.S. BigEvil, Inc.”  Turns out the recession hit the evil companies hardest of all.

In the midst of a bunch of misleading and/or utterly false world poverty statistics, emerge the “good” people of the Venus Project.  This takes up over half the movie!  I sat through more than an hour of this thinly disguised, collectivist propaganda.  Apparently, once they are done, there will be freedom and plenty for all, endless energy, and no war.  Also no needless labor for anyone, and no need for money as superior technology appears out of nowhere and requires no maintenance.  And apparently, all we have to do for all this freedom and plenty (and, of course, “individuality”) is subscribe to their brand of collectivism.  Any of this sound familiar?

My favorite part comes at the very end: What can you do?  1) Well, boycott the big, evil banks and corporations for starters, and if you work for them, then quit.  2) Boycott all news networks. Don’t do something crazy like trust your own judgement to filter what’s good and bad news; instead trust only the “good” people and information you find on the internet.  3) Boycott the military– the chant of people everywhere dependent on a government grant for their living, they themselves being far bigger parasites than any individual deciding to put on a uniform.  4) Boycott those big, evil energy companies by converting your home to wind and solar power.  With what?  You just quit your job so you could stick it to the Man.  5) Reject the political system.  Why bother trying to get representation (or to represent others) anymore when BigEvil, Inc. controls everything.  Make a strong statement by sitting on your ass.  6) Create critical mass – ?? – by going to their website and learn how together (under their collectivism) we can all be “free”.  Basically, they tell you to go and become a goddamned dirty hippy.

While having a few decent points, the whole thing is nothing but yet another radical political agenda.  There are no real solutions offered.  God forbid they actually mention something like sound money or a free market to replace the crony capitalism of today.  Instead of being a collectivist, corporate sheep, they tell you to join their collectivist flock instead.

Anyway, that’s this segment.  Comments are welcome– that’s why it’s here.

A good comment on the above review:

It’s pretty useless to argue with Zeitgeisters who have already been “converted.” They are not prepared to submit their beliefs to rational scrutiny.

In any case things like this are useful for convincing people who haven’t been converted yet. However it’s much safer to just teach them the principles of logic: That’ll protect them from every cult.

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