WTF: Virgin Girl Sweat Spray

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love doll japanese virgin girl body odor sweat smell spray WTF: Virgin Girl Sweat SprayGiving off that unforgettable pungent odor of soap and youthful sweat combined deliciously together, the Japanese Virgin Girl Sweat Spray will bring all kinds of new smells and experiences. Spray some onto your love doll’s clothing or body for unbeatable verisimilitude and to enhance your hormonal desires. Though originally designed with love dolls in mind, there is of course nothing to stop you using the aroma spray to add extra realism to your favorite onaholes, used panties or other toys and items.

toht%20face%20melting WTF: Virgin Girl Sweat Spray

You can order it here. If you do I hate you.

Source: Topless Robot.

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