Afghanistan Needs $7 Billion in Aid After Western Pullout

0 Posted by - June 19, 2012 - Economics, Foreign Affairs, Military

47826658 kabul 01 300x200 Afghanistan Needs $7 Billion in Aid After Western PulloutAfghanistan will need $6-7 billion a year in aid over the next decade to help grow the economy, the head of the central bank said on Tuesday, on top of a $4.1 billion bill for security forces to keep the peace once foreign troops leave in 2014.

In the run-up to a conference with donors in Tokyo, the government repeated a long-standing call for foreign assistance to be routed through Afghan government entities rather than international organisations, governor Noorullah Delawari said.

That could complicate discussions with foreign backers who are worried about misuse of funds.

More than 90 percent of Afghanistan’s $17.1 billion national budget comes from foreign donations but the economic crisis in Europe, shrinking budgets in the United States and voters weary of the nearly 11-year war, that assistance has looked in peril.

“I have heard from Afghan government ministers, somewhere from 6 to 9 billion assistance is required. I think, I see it at about $6-7 billion a year without military, it’s just economic assistance, that should help us to go over, and continue our economic growth,” Delawari said in an interview.

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