Apple’s Phantom Taxes Hide Billions in Profit

0 Posted by - July 24, 2012 - Career & Business, Economics, Money, Science

applewallpaper7wb7 300x187 Apples Phantom Taxes Hide Billions in ProfitOn Tuesday, Apple is set to report financial results for the second quarter. Analysts are expecting net income of $9.8 billion. But whatever figure Apple reports won’t reflect its true profit, because the company hides some of it with an unusual tax maneuver.

Apple Inc., already the world’s most valuable company, understates its profits compared with other multinationals. It’s building up an overlooked asset in the form of billions of dollars, tucked away for tax bills it may never pay.

Tax experts say the company could easily eliminate these phantom tax obligations. That would boost Apple’s profits for the past three years by as much $10.5 billion, according to calculations by The Associated Press.


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