Bilderberg 2011: Master Page

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jhtmj Bilderberg 2011: Master Page*Go HERE for the full page.

This is a master page with links to articles, videos, pictures and coverage of the secretive Bilderberg meeting, taking place over the 8-13th June 2011 in St Moritz, Switzerland.030610Bilderberg space2 Bilderberg 2011: Master PageBackground: What Is The Bilderberg Group?

The following articles provide some important information on the elite agenda of the Bilderberg Group and provide historical evidence outlining the Kingmaker power the group exercises:

Top Bilderberger: Eurozone Collapse Threatens Global Currency Agenda
Leaked Agenda: Bilderberg Group Plans Economic Depression
Leaked 1955 Bilderberg Docs Outline Plan For Single European Currency
Bilderberg Appointee Van Rompuy Is First EU President


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