Economists Reluctantly Pick Romney

0 Posted by - October 2, 2012 - Career & Business, Economics, Elections, Money

mitt romney money 300x225 Economists Reluctantly Pick RomneyEconomists think Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be better for the economy than President Obama. But they’re not very enthusiastic about either of them.

Nine of 17 top economists surveyed by CNNMoney picked Romney when asked whose election would help the economy grow more. Only three picked Obama.

But the remaining five made no pick, with several suggesting neither would provide much of a lift to the sagging economy.

“Obama doesn’t really understand business and Romney doesn’t really understand how to govern. So pick your poison,” said Gary Rosenberger of EconoPlay, one of those surveyed who refused to give a pick.

And many of those picking Romney were more critical of, as opposed to excited about, the Republican challenger’s plans.

CONTINUED at CNN Money. Video at link.

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