Morocco’s First Free-Market Activist Calls for Pushback Against Radical Islam

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 Moroccos First Free Market Activist Calls for Pushback Against Radical IslamNouh El-Harmouzi never thought of himself as a revolutionary. But there he was, standing on a raised platform in Tahrir Square last year, getting ready to preach economic freedom to throngs of Muslim revelers in Egypt.

El-Harmouzi is Morocco’s first bona fide free-market activist. He took a deep breath and laid his cards on the table.

The Arab Spring had just claimed its biggest scalp: Hosni Mubarek, Egypt’s president, stepped down from power in the face of hundreds of thousands of protesters. El-Harmouzi — his name “Nouh” is pronounced “Noah,” like the Hebrew Bible’s boat-building patriarch — was in Cairo teaching young people how to build a civil society in a post-revolutionary country.

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