North Korean Hackers Farming MMORPG ‘Gold’ to Fund Kim Jong Il’s Nuclear Program

0 Posted by - August 10, 2011 - Economics, Military, Police State, Science, Video Games & Apps

 North Korean Hackers Farming MMORPG Gold to Fund Kim Jong Ils Nuclear Program*Taken from Geekologie.

Because nukes don’t pay for themselves no matter how many times you insist you only brought enough cash for your own meal, North Korean operatives (if you can call a person involved in farming MMORPG points 24/7 an ‘operative’) have been infiltrating South Korean MMORPGs, racking up in-game gold/points, then selling them on the black market to fund Kim Jong Il’s nuclear program. LOLWUT?!

Teams of farmers work around the clock from a base in Northern China. The Times says they have earned over $6 million for their efforts, over half of which has been delivered to North Korean agents in the captial of Pyongyang.

Western sources believe the money generated through these activities is used to help fund North Korea’s nuclear program and Kim Jong-il’s lavish lifestyle


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  • Jason Hartgrave August 10, 2011 - 5:45 PM

    How do you wage a Warcraft “War on Terror?”