OWS Protestors Force Cafe Layoffs as Business Drops

0 Posted by - November 2, 2011 - Career & Business, Economics

110111cepeda6matt030308 300x300 OWS Protestors Force Cafe Layoffs as Business Drops*Taken from the Layfield Report.

They want to change the economy, and now they have — by putting people out of work!

Heartbroken Shamil Cepeda was one of 21 employees of a once-thriving cafe and catering business who just got fired because the weeks-long Occupy Wall Street protest chased away too many customers.

“I support their freedom of speech but the whole thing is hypocritical if it makes people lose their jobs,” a tearful Cepeda, 23, told The Post yesterday.

“Isn’t that the whole point of the protest?” fumed Cepeda, 23, who had worked at the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall St. since it opened in June.


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