Paul Ryan Will Battle Paul Krugman to the Death to Defeat ‘Keynesian Economics’

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My Two Cents: Is Ryan sure he understands Keynesian economics or better yet free market economics? I have very justifiable suspicions. End Two Cents.

Wisconsin representative and former GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan put new gloss on his old budget and has been schlepping it around and about – to perhaps somewhat diminished interest, compared to the other times he’s touted it. Tuesday, Ryan took his thought-having campaign to the Hugh Hewitt show, and among those thoughts, apparently, is the notion that he and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman are locked into some wonderful “Captain Kirk versus the Gorn” battle for economic supremacy:

Via the Daily Caller:

“Well, so I have three certainties in my life — death, taxes and liberal attacks from Paul Krugman,” Ryan said. “It’s something I’ve come to realize. Keynesians, which is what Krugman would call himself, believe in just, in the constant pumping of the prime, and just spending more money to grow the economy. They believe in this, that if you spend more money, it produces more than a dollar’s worth of economic growth for every dollar you spend.”

Now, chances are, Ryan’s being a little bit tongue-in-cheek. At least I hope so, because as it turns out, when it comes to making a spectacle of oneself in service to Keynesian economics, you could do a lot worse than Paul Ryan. Here’s Ryan, in 2002,speechifying on behalf of God, country, and stimulus:

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  • FMP March 17, 2013 - 10:08 PM

    I think it’s fair to acknowledge that a Paul Ryan from 2002, being 29 years old, can grow philosophically and politically. Where were most of us in 2002?
    I like Paul Ryan because at least he’s closer to a libertarian than the other 90% of his Party. I’ll take it.