Re-Igniting the Cold War?: Romney Camp says Russia remains a top ‘geopolitical foe’, reset with Kremlin ‘has failed’

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434330 120508 putin Re Igniting the Cold War?: Romney Camp says Russia remains a top geopolitical foe, reset with Kremlin has failedPresident Obama’s so-called reset with Russia “has failed” and the Kremlin remains a top “geopolitical foe,” according to a senior Romney campaign adviser who noted that the GOP challenger would pressure Moscow to improve its poor human rights record.

“They’re trampling civil rights” and the Obama administration refuses to talk tough with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ambassador Richard Williamson, a Romney adviser, told reporters Tuesday evening during a discussion hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative.

“They’re our foe,” he said. “They have chosen a path of confrontations, not cooperation,” and a Romney administration would publicly admit this. “We’re better to be frank and honest.”

A regime like Putin’s is “surprised when the U.S. doesn’t have the courage and integrity to speak the truth,” said Williamson, chiding the Obama administration for cozying up to Moscow despite its recent anti-democratic slide.

Another top Romney adviser, Pierre-Richard Prosper, noted that Putin’s Russia has become a place where “the rule of law” has evaporated, leading Western businesses to approach the market with caution.

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