Ron Paul’s Final Questions for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

0 Posted by - July 18, 2012 - Big Brother, Conspiracies & Scandals, Economics

ron paul ben bernanke its not important i win Ron Paul’s Final Questions for Fed Chairman Ben BernankeWhen Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appears before the House Financial Services Committee, he’ll be facing, for the final time, his nemesis, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), author of End the Fed.

In the past, Paul has used kid gloves in his usual mild-mannered way to quiz and challenge the Fed chairman, asking him about the conflict between the Fed’s stated policy of maintaining a stable dollar and the huge loss of purchasing power of the dollar under the Fed’s tender care. He has asked the chairman about real money compared to paper money or money created out of the ether. He even waved a silver dollar in front of the chairman, asking him if it wasn’t real money after all.

Tomorrow is his last chance to ask such questions. Here are some proposed questions the Texas congressman might consider in his efforts to expand the conversation about the Fed and extend citizens’ understanding of the Fed’s role in destroying the dollar and creating the business cycle of booms and busts, especially the current one.

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