Swiss Politicians to March on Bilderberg, Demand arrest of Kissinger

0 Posted by - June 10, 2011 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Economics, Military, Police State, Science

 Swiss Politicians to March on Bilderberg, Demand arrest of Kissinger*Taken from Prison Planet. Written by Steve Watson. Videos at link.

In the videos contained on this page, Infowars reporters Paul Joseaph Watson, Aaron Dykes and Luke Rudkowski interview activists and journalists covering the elite meeting in Switzerland.

They detail how activists from We Are Change Switzerland have a written letter from the Swiss parliament informing police that they must respect the rights of those documenting the meeting and not interfere with their work.

Swiss People’s Party representative Dominique Baettig, who wrote the letter, is going to march to the meeting along with two other leading politicians from the Swiss People’s Party and demand to be allowed inside to confront the elite attendees, including Henry Kissinger, who they wish to see arrested for war crimes.

One of the Swiss politicians, Lukas Reimannappeared exclusively on the Alex Jones show today to details their plans. We will bring you more details as soon as we have them.


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