The Romney Tax Plan Numbers Add Up Because Paul Ryan Says So

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ryanbooyaa 300x168 The Romney Tax Plan Numbers Add Up Because Paul Ryan Says SoVice presidential candidate Paul Ryan asserted on multiple occasions Tuesday morning that the numbers behind the Romney campaign’s tax plan add up.

They don’t, though allied conservative groups are now rushing to help fill in the details.

The Wisconsin Republican was asked during a sit down with Bloomberg News why he was offering specifics when it came to the goodies of the tax plan — a 20 percent across-the-board deduction of rates, a ten percent reduction of the corporate tax rates, a repeal of the estate tax — while detailing none of the bitter pills — the deductions and exemptions that must be eliminated to make the proposal deficit neutral.

“You don’t say to Congress, to Democrats, that you want to work with, ‘Take it or leave it, it’s everything, it’s all my way or the highway,” Ryan responded.

Pressed about a Tax Policy Center analysis which said that the Romney plan would have to raise taxes on the middle class (by eliminating their exemptions and deductions) in order to be deficit neutral, Ryan told Fox News on Sunday that he couldn’t go through all the details of the tax proposal in the time allotted. But on Tuesday, he didn’t get into the minutia. He just insisted that the framework put together by the campaign has been proven to work.

“Obviously,” Ryan said, “the numbers add up, we have shown that.”

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