Warmonger Rubio: What Syrian ‘Opposition Really Needs Is Access to Ammunition’

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marco rubio 1 300x209 Warmonger Rubio: What Syrian ‘Opposition Really Needs Is Access to Ammunition’My Two Cents: Yes, lets arm the terrorists! Hell, what’s another war – lets go for it! End Two Cents.

On Wednesday, Florida Republican Sen. , widely considered a potential 2016 presidential contender, called for President  to supply ammunition to parts of the n opposition to help them bring down the regime of Syrian dictator .

“Syria is awash in arms, both weapons from the Syrian regime that are being captured and weapons that are coming in from third parties in other countries,” Rubio said, speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about his recent trip to Israel and Jordan.

“What the opposition really needs is access to ammunition. And I think one of the things we can consider, if we can identify a couple of responsible groups — or more responsible groups that we feel have built capacity — ammunition is something we can provide. … And I think that’s a step I’m prepared to advocate for.”

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  • Jo Hargis February 28, 2013 - 3:40 PM

    Oh, of course, the GOP is chomping at the bit for a new war! Now that Obama has authorized non-weapons aid to them, Rubio advocates for ammo. If Obama had included ammo in his authorization, Rubio would be screaming about that. Sick of the GOP and their never ending war mongering.