3 Ways Obama and the Democrats Can Win Libertarian Votes

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barack obama1 300x200 3 Ways Obama and the Democrats Can Win Libertarian VotesGet transparent, legalize reality, and earn your Peace Prize already, Mr. President

The 2012 presidential race is likely to be a real squeaker. According to most polls, it’s in a tie situation and there’s little reason to believe anything is going to change drastically between now and November.

If Barack Obama and the Democrats are going to win, they will need every vote they can muster. So maybe the party of stimulus spending, Dodd-Frank, and the broccoli mandate is willing to turn libertarian this time around.

To be sure, Obama’s economic and regulatory policies have rightly irradiated him with most libertarians, but there’s still little love lost among libertarians for the GOP. When they last controlled the White House and Congress, Republicans spent wildly, expanded government at every level, meddled in people’s personal choices, and charted a disastrous foreign policy. If the GOP faithful is lukewarm about Mitt Romney, voters who favor less government spending and more social tolerance are even less enthusiastic.

So if Obama and the Democrats explicitly move libertarian on some issues, anything could happen. (Related: “3 Ways Romney, Ryan, and Republicans Can Woo Libertarian Voters.”)

Here are three ways that Obama might win at least some of the 10 percent to 15 percent of libertarian-minded voters who believe in shrinking the size and scope of the federal government.

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