Gary Johnson Hitting Six Percent

0 Posted by - September 24, 2012 - Elections, Politics

Gary Johnson Speaking 300x200 Gary Johnson Hitting Six PercentLibertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is supported by six percent of likely voters, according to a new Reason-Rupe poll.

Johnson also has a favorability rating of seven percent, though 65 percent of likely voters said they had never heard of him, and 14 percent hold an unfavorable view.

Johnson is still polling far behind the major party candidates, with President Barack Obama taking 49 percent and Republican challengericon1 Gary Johnson Hitting Six Percent Mitt Romney taking 40 percent in a three-way race, according to Reason-Rupe.

A JZ Analytics/Washington Times poll from May had the Libertarian at only two percent. And a second JZ Analytics poll from July had Johnson at 5.3 percent.

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