Obama says Romney ‘Knowingly twisting my words’

0 Posted by - July 24, 2012 - Elections, Politics

t1larg.barack obama tucked lip.t1larg 300x168 Obama says Romney Knowingly twisting my wordsAfter taking a break from his re-election bid after last week’s Colorado movie theater shooting, President Barack Obama eased back to the campaign trail Monday by holding several fundraisers in California.

He began his first fundraising remarks by mentioning his trip to Aurora, Colorado, on Sunday to comfort the victims’ families.

“I spent time with the families, and the medical staff, the first responders. And sometimes when bad things happen, horrible things happen, I think it’s easy for us to slip into despair. And yet if you had spent some time, like I did, with those people, who had faced down just unimaginable pain with strength and grace, it would make you extraordinarily optimistic about America,” the president told a fundraiser in Piedmont.


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