Republican Hopefuls Jockey for 2016

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120809 bush huck palin santorum perry ap 605 300x162 Republican Hopefuls Jockey for 2016Take their word for it: Every major official in the Republican Party is really, truly, 100 percent enthusiastically committed to electing Mitt Romney this November, and they’re convinced he’ll win on Nov. 6.

At least, that’s the public message.

On the off-chance Romney doesn’t get across the finish line, a handful of ex-rivals and prominent Republicans are suddenly showing up in the states that would be first to vote in a 2016 presidential primary.

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On Saturday, a trio of once — and possibly future — presidential candidates will speak to a conservative forum in Iowa hosted by the group Citizens United and a prominent Iowa social conservative organization, the Family Leader. Rick SantorumMike Huckabee and Texas Gov. Rick Perry will all appear at the event.

The Republicans all have good explanations for being there: Perry is supposed to be representing Romney, according to officials involved in the forum, and Santorum and Huckabee were invited as the 2008 and 2012 Iowa caucus victors.

But Iowa is Iowa, and a joint appearance in the land of the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses inevitably opens the door to the topic of 2016.

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