Ron Paul Storms to Victory in Minnesota Delegate Race

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Screen shot 2012 05 21 at 1.50.45 PM 300x204 Ron Paul Storms to Victory in Minnesota Delegate RaceSupporters take full control of GOP in North Star State.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul swept the board at the Minnesota State convention this past weekend, winning 12 of the 13 delegates to the Republican National Convention and effectively taking complete control of the party in the state.

Congressman Paul would have won all of the open delegate slots, for the fact that the 13th went to former presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, only after a Paul supporter withdrew his name from the ballot.

Earlier in the year, a well organized cadre of Paul supporters won 20 of 24 delegates at district conventions, meaning that in total the Paul campaign has secured 32 of the state’s 40 national delegates.

The achievement once again affirms Paul’s delegate-attainment strategy, and substantially increases the prospect for the Congressman to be able to greatly influence the party platform at the National Convention in Tampa this August.

In addition to the delegate victory for Paul, Minnesota state Rep. Kurt Bills (R), an ardent Paul supporter, soundly defeated the establishment Republican candidate in the race for the Senate.

“This is one of the greatest states that I have witnessed, where I have seen the transition, where the enthusiasm’s there,” Paul said during his speech at the Saturday convention.

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