The Two Gary Johnsons

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JohnsonAndJohnson The Two Gary JohnsonsAustin – The loudest cheers at Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Earl Johnson’s packed Austin dinner, the largest event so far during his swing through Texas, came when Johnson talked about a recurring problem his campaign has faced: ballot access problems.

The state of Michigan has something called a “sore loser law” that prevents candidates who lose a party primary from changing parties to run in the general election. The law rarely applies to presidential elections but Michigan is an exception.

“It’s a railroad job,” former New Mexico governor Johnson said offstage at Hill’s Café, taking a break from posing for photos and shaking hands.

Johnson campaigned for president on the Republican ticket through 2011, but he never participated in any primaries. He withdrew from the race on December 28, five days prior to the Iowa Caucus and two weeks before polls opened in New Hampshire. Michigan didn’t even hold it’s primary until a full two months after Johnson decided not to run in any Republican race.

CONTINUED at Reason. Written by Garrett Quinn.

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