Gary Johnson: “I’m the only candidate that agrees with you 100 percent”

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Johnson Speaking s640x427 300x200 Gary Johnson: “I’m the only candidate that agrees with you 100 percent”Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson’s campaign launched an ad, entitled “You Are Libertarian,” which visits a growing list of ongoing, unresolved public frustrations. “61 percent of Americans believe America is on the wrong track,” says Johnson. “75 percent of Americans want a full audit of the Federal Reserve.” Johnson goes through statistic after statistic until finally delivering the key punchline: “I’m the only candidate that agrees with you 100 percent.”

Johnson’s ad, like his asymmetric presidential campaign, is a stunning example of what can only be termed the rise of “blue chip” libertarians – a new, exciting breed of competent third-party candidates capable of articulating complex policy issues in an appealing, friendly and inspirational message to the mainstream public.

The American public knows that times are tough, days are dark and they are getting tired of left vs. right rhetoric. Some say that they’re looking for hard solutions, but I say more than that, they are looking for a reason to believe in themselves and reassurance that someone out there hasn’t forgotten about them. Johnson delivers this in spades and his message is almost reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “stronger, prouder, more secure” charm campaign.

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