W Returns to the White House

0 Posted by - May 31, 2012 - Politics

ca04805733df210f110f6a70670000eb 189x300 W Returns to the White HousePresident Barack Obama can’t seem to stop bad-mouthing the record of former President George W. Bush. But on Thursday,Obama is going to welcome his predecessor and proudly preside as Bush’s image and legacy are enshrined at the White House forever.

Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will join Bush and his wife, Laura, as their official portraits are unveiled. The incumbent is keeping up a presidential tradition typically defined by cheer and graciousness, but not without some uneasiness.

Hardly a day goes by without Obama or his aides talking about the mess they inherited — meaning, from Bush.

It was just one week ago that Obama, revving up campaign donors, turned Bush into a punch line. Obama depicted Republican rival Mitt Romney as a peddler of bad economic ideas, helping the rich at the expense of the middle class, and then added to laughs: “That was tried, remember? The last guy did all this.”

Now the last guy is coming back.

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