Genes Responsible for Breast Size Identified

0 Posted by - July 6, 2012 - Science

bust size genes 300x168 Genes Responsible for Breast Size IdentifiedScientists working in the field of titties (suck it, physics!) have officially located some of the human genes responsibly for a woman’s breast size. My breast size? There weren’t any genes responsible, only ice cream sundaes.

Researchers have identified seven genetic markers linked with a woman’s breast size, according to a new study.

While it’s was known that breast size is in part heritable, the study is the first to find specific genetic factors that are associated with differences in breast size, the researchers said.

In addition, two of these markers have previously been associated with breast cancer risk. This suggests some of the same biological pathways underlie both normal breast growth and breast cancer, said study researcher Nicholas Eriksson, of 23andMe, the genetic testing company that conducted the study.

Listen, if there ever comes a time in the future when expecting parents are able to choose their daughter’s breast size in utero, DO NOT give her big ol’ DD’s. No father wants a daughter with giant chest melons, no matter how much he loves her mother’s. But you don’t make her flat-chested either. If it were my daughter I’ve give her like, regular B’s. Also: a penis that doesn’t fall off till she’s 30.

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