How Science Can Teach You to Easily Spot a Liar

0 Posted by - October 18, 2011 - Career & Business, Science

screen shot 2011 10 18 at 9 31 53 am How Science Can Teach You to Easily Spot a Liar*Taken from Lifehacker. Video at link.

We’ve mentioned a few ways to detect liars, but Pamela Meyer has discovered just about all of them. She’s taken a look at the most common behaviors of liars, scientifically, and shares her expertise on how to detect them.

Meyer believes that lying is often a cooperative act. We willingly let others deceive us because we want to avoid conflict. We may tell each other an email didn’t receive a response because it ended up in the spam folder or that dinner was delicious (or at least tolerable). This is okay to some extent because we’re all okay with it, but studies show that you may be lied to anywhere from 10 to 200 times per day. Many of those are white lies, but studies have also discovered that strangers lie three times within the first ten minutes of meeting each other. Meyer sees lying as what we do to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. When we want something to be true, we lie so that it at least appears to be true in the hopes that we may be able to make it that way before any truth is uncovered. We hope it will be true, and so our lies are essentially loans of a desired future.

We all do this on occasion, but some lies are worse than others. Fortunately, science points to plenty of indicators to help us detect when we’re being told a lie, many of which are contrary to what most people believe:


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