Damning New Study: Eco Bulbs Cause Cancer

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My Two Cents: Woohoo! Another win for the eco-fascists! $27 says they knew all along. $41 says they are still going to push for these regardless. End Two Cents.

 Damning New Study: Eco Bulbs Cause Cancer*Taken from Prison Planet. Written by Paul Joseph Watson.

A damning new study conducted by German scientists has found that so-called energy saving light bulbs contain poisonous carcinogens that could cause cancer and should be “kept as far away as possible from the human environment,” but Americans will be forced to replace their traditional light bulbs with toxic CFLs ahead of a government ban set to take effect at the start of next year.

“German scientists claimed that several carcinogenic chemicals and toxins were released when the environmentally-friendly compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were switched on, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene,” reports the London Telegraph.

The study, conducted by Peter Braun at the Berlin’s Alab Laboratory, led the scientists involved to warn that the bulbs should only be used sparingly, in areas with good ventilation, and “definitely not in the proximity of the head,” due to the danger of the electrical smog the bulbs generate impacting human health.

That’s going to cause difficulties for Americans who will be forced to buy the bulbs following a government ban on traditional incandescent lighting that comes into effect on January 1, 2012.

A 2007 bill signed in to law by President George W. Bush mandates that, “Manufacturers will no longer be able to make the 100-watt Thomas Edison bulb after Jan. 1, 2012, followed by the 75-watt version in Jan. 2013, and the the 60- and 40-watt bulbs in Jan. 2014.”

The legislation mirrors similar laws in Europe, where incandescent bulbs began to be phased out in 2009. The EU also plans to ban halogen bulbs by 2016, forcing people to use compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, which produce a poor quality of light with an attendant flicker affect that causes many people to become dizzy and ill.

Ron Paul is amongst those leading a charge in Congress to repeal the draconian state phase out of Thomas Edison’s iconic invention. The Freedom Action group has also launched a national campaign to repeal the ban. Last week, the South Carolina House passed a bill overturning the ban and similar legislation is in the works in Texas, Georgia and Minnesota.

“It is my strong belief that the feds have overstepped the 10th Amendment and now are venturing into telling us what kind of lighting we can have in our homes and businesses,”Republican Rep. Bill Sandifer said in a statement after the House passed his legislation. “This bill is about taking a stand against government intrusion in our everyday lives. I am championing this bill because I believe that we must fight for limited government, personal freedoms, and the free market.”

Forcing Americans to buy CFL bulbs that are harmful to their health and the environment is completely unconstitutional. Indeed, in a similar vein to forcing Americans to buy mandatory health insurance under Obamacare, it’s a clear violation of the Commerce Clause.

The so-called “dirty energy” emitted by CFLs produces radiation that has been linked with migraine headaches, sleep abnormalities, fatigue, and other health defects.

The new German study adds to concerns raised by separate research conducted by Abraham Haim, a professor of biology at Haifa University in Israel, who found that the light emitted by CFL’s increased the chance of women getting breast cancer by disrupting the body’s production of the hormone melatonin.

CFLs are also more harmful to the environment because they are filled with toxic mercury that contaminates the environment when the bulbs reach the landfill.

“A report released in 2008 from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection revealed that when a CFL bulb is broken, it can release dangerously high levels of mercury into the air,” writes Ethan Huff.

“In Toronto, city officials require people to dispose of CFL bulbs at special hazardous waste facilities because they don’t want the city’s landfills to become contaminated with mercury. While used CFL bulbs are not legally recognized as hazardous waste, they are treated as such because they pose serious environmental threats when broken and released into the environment.”

Americans have begun stockpiling dwindling supplies of incandescent light bulbs as the 2012 ban nears.

The light bulb ban is a foretaste of what’s to come as the enforcement arm of the eco-fascist agenda unfolds. As we have documented, enviro-Nazis envisage a future world in which car use will be heavily restricted, CO2 emissions will be rationed, meat will be considered a rare delicacy, the state will decide your career, and only the mega-rich elitists enforcing all these new rules and regulations will be exempt from them.

Indeed, as Rand Paul recently highlighted, the light bulb ban mirrors the collectivist dictatorship fictionalized in Ayn Rand’s dystopic novel Anthem, where the elite decides to replace light bulbs with candles as part of its purge of individual choice.

“There’s a young man and his name is Equality,” explained U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican and tea party favorite, at a recent energy hearing in Washington where he talked about the book. “[The character] is an intelligent young man but he is banned from achieving or reaching any sort of occupation that would challenge him. He is a street sweeper.”

“Over time, he discovers an abandoned subway and rediscovers the incandescent light bulb,” Paul continued. “And he thinks, naively, that electricity and the brilliance of light would be an advantage for society and that it would bring great new things as far as being able to see at night, being able to read and the advancement of civilization.”

“He takes it before the collective of elders, and they take the light bulb, and basically it’s crushed beneath the boot heel of the collective,” Paul went on. “The collective has no place basically for individual choice.”


  • lighthouse April 21, 2011 - 11:09 AM

    Yes: It’s a strange world that would ban the simple safe versatile cheap
    incandescent light bulb, given the problem of CFLs with radiation and
    mercury concerns, LEDs with lead and arsenic concerns
    (The temporarily allowed Halogen replacement incandescents still being
    different and costing much more)

    Light bulb regulations give less than 1% in overall US energy savings
    ( http://ceolas.net/#li171x with US Dept of Energy figures)
    Much greater and more relevant savings of actual “energy waste” comes from power plant and grid changes, and from preventing the unnecessary usage of products eg night lighting in buildings,
    than from preventing the personal choices of the products that people
    want to use.

  • wclathe May 26, 2011 - 7:55 PM

    Quick question. I was trying to do a follow up on this study. I wanted to read the original study.

    I can’t find it referenced anywhere.

    In fact, I can’t find the “Alab Laboratory” or a “Peter Braun” that works there. Every search just brings up this article.

    Does anyone have a link to the study itself or to the laboratory or to Peter Braun?

  • wclathe May 26, 2011 - 7:58 PM

    by ‘this article” I mean the one referenced from the London Telegraph (or the IBT).

  • lighthouse May 27, 2011 - 5:01 AM


    More about it here

    As you can see the link to Alab is

    I understand they were processing the study itself so it was not up yet
    However if you understand German (or use translator) there is more about it online (search via google.de might make them show up better)
    or contact
    peter.braun AT alab-berlin.de
    info AT alab-berlin.de
    phone (berlin) 030 / 394 99 83