Obama Plans Executive Order to Force Cybersecurity Boondoggle On America

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power 264x300 Obama Plans Executive Order to Force Cybersecurity Boondoggle On AmericaObama plans to violate the Constitution again and issue yet another executive order.

The latest EO would create a government program protecting vital computer networks from cyber attacks, according toBloomberg. The Department of Homeland Security would establish cybersecurity standards that companies could “voluntarily adopt to better protect banks, telecommunication networks and the U.S. power grid from electronic attacks.”

As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, cyber attacks do not threaten the power grid in the United States. Critical infrastructure in the U.S. is rarely connected directly to the public internet. “The fact of the matter is that it isn’t easy to do any of these things. Your average power grid or drinking-water system isn’t analogous to a PC or even to a corporate network,” writes Michael Tanji for Wired.

Despite this, the government has perpetuated propaganda designed to scare average Americans into backing cyber security legislation. In July, the Department of Homeland Security said companies controlling the country’s power grid, water filtration facilities and a nuclear facility have come under hacker attack.

Regardless of the sustained propaganda effort, the public has not demanded lawmakers pass legislation allowing government to impose cybersecurity measures on public and private infrastructure companies.

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