Physicists Observe the Splitting of an Electron Inside a Solid

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120418134847 211x300 Physicists Observe the Splitting of an Electron Inside a SolidAn electron has been observed to decay into two separate parts, each carrying a particular property of the electron: a spinon carrying its spin — the property making the electron behave as a tiny compass needle — and an orbiton carrying its orbital moment — which arises from the electron’s motion around the nucleus. These newly created particles, however, cannot leave the material in which they have been produced.

This result is reported in a paper published in Nature by an international team of researchers led by experimental physicists from the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) and theoretical physicists from the IFW Dresden (Germany).

All electrons have a property called “spin,” which can be viewed as the presence of tiny magnets at the atomic scale and which thereby gives rise to the magnetism of materials. In addition to this, electrons orbit around the atomic nuclei along certain paths, the so-called electronic “orbitals.” Usually, both of these quantum physical properties (spin and orbital) are attached to each particular electron. In an experiment performed at the Paul Scherrer Institute, these properties have now been separated.

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