Pre-Crime Face Scanner to Be Used For ‘Security Interrogations’

0 Posted by - September 14, 2011 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Military, Police State, Science

 Pre Crime Face Scanner to Be Used For ‘Security Interrogations’*Taken from Infowars. Written by Paul Joseph Watson.

Pre-crime face scanning lie detector technology set to be rolled out in airports and other public venues will aid authorities in conducting ‘security interrogations’ of individuals, despite the fact that the new device is even less reliable than the dubious polygraph test, and could easily lead to thousands of innocent people being framed as terrorists and criminals.

“A sophisticated new camera system can detect lies just by watching our faces as we talk, experts say. The computerised system uses a simple video camera, a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor and a suite of algorithms,” reports BBC News.

“Researchers say the system could be a powerful aid to security services,” according to the report, adding that the technology is set to be rolled out first in airports for “security interviews” and that the system will also be used to conduct “covert truth tests in real time”.


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