Television Stations Could Start Using Drones

0 Posted by - September 5, 2012 - Big Brother, Conspiracies & Scandals, Film & Television, Military, Police State, Science

camcopter Television Stations Could Start Using DronesA drone originally developed for military use could soon be used by television stations and journalists as a news-gathering device.

The Schiebel Corporation’s Camcopter, which is used by the United Arab Emirates Army and the Germany Navy, could soon be used for broadcasting purposes, according to TV News Check.

“To me, the potential for using drones is just like the potential for using any other type of news-gathering equipment, whether it would be for helicopters or mobile news vans or hidden camera equipment,” Mike Cavender, executive director for the Radio Television Digital News Association, told TV News Check. “All those are tools of the trade and the drone to me is no different.”


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