Torture?: Wanna see what waterboarding actually is?

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My Two Cents: While the now non-existent “Anti-War” Movement says that waterboarding is torture and makes us no better than our enemy, would you rather this or would you rather we commit the same horrible atrocities that those imposing Sharia Law commit against their own citizens (not even their enemy)? We’re not torturing people like the enemy did to us in Vietnam or any other war in the last 100 years. While I don’t necessary agree with torture (which this could or couldn’t be depending upon who you talk to), I have to say that this is much more humane than the alternative. But is this a case for choosing the lesser of two evils? That’s for you to decide. End Two Cents.

 Torture?: Wanna see what waterboarding actually is?*Taken from FleeceMe.

Checkout this video to see how evil America is. We actually pour water on someone’s face!!!! Despite the kool-aid drinkers who think we are evil torturers, this is a very humane method of information extraction. Why? Because it causes no permanent damage and it works even though the “victim” knows we aren’t trying to kill them. Think about that a sec. Most forms of torture are predicated on the idea that “its only gonna get worse”, so you better spill the beans to save yourself some pain. This method works because your brain can not overcome its instincts – you can’t rationalize away what your brain is telling you, which is, “Holy crap, this ain’t good!” Even though you know your “torturer” is not gonna hurt you, it still freaking works.

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